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August 17, 2011
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Avatar: Water Bender by Astellecia Avatar: Water Bender by Astellecia
Rise with the moon...

:iconastellecia: as Katara
:iconintricatia: as Aang
:iconcvy: as Toph
:iconjialingpan: as Zuko
:iconiodinesoup: as Ozai
Shoji as Sokka

Photo by :iconshiroin:

Helper~ Iylia
Water thrower :iconsaharasnow:
Posing teacher ZUKO <3
Thanks to all the people who randomly popped in and out to hold the reflector and provide water :)

First non-japanese cosplay ever <3 ~ Thank you so much ~saharasnow and *shiroin who kept throwing water and taking photos for me until we got this awesome shot :) Because I have no idea how to shop water, the both of them kept flinging water bottle after bottle until we got this <3 <3

Really hated doing katara's wig, I couldn't find one with the right colour on time and ended up buying a bright orange one, which I dyed and sprayed at least 3 times before getting a nice medium sort of brown which faded like the night before I was going to wear it ORZ. Ended up having to shop it darker anyways *sighs*. Costume was pretty easy to make, feel really proud of myself for sewing on the white patterns on the base of her top rather than gluing as I normally would have~

But this was a really fun cos. It was nice and comfortable to wear, and considerably cooler than Banshee which I had on the day before, and it's the first time I got to tan myself rather than getting whiter :) I was like O.o when I saw myself in the mirror after I was done, looked really different~ I wasn't expecting to get recognized at cosfest since the Singapore cosplay scene is Japanese orientated~ but it really made my day when little kids went AVATAR AVATAR when they saw us :D <3 That and it was really a challenge doing the poses because I'm really stiff at action orientated posing~ Thank you zuko for being such an awesome teacher!! The fire-bender that waterbends lol~ she airbends and earthbends too!!

Necklace made by :iconfabrefaction:
Everything else made by me~
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OMG Best Katara EVER!!!I think I've fainted. 
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